FAH, UIN News Online – Public Speaking Club, One of the LSO (Semi Autonomous Institutions) in the Faculty of Adab and Humanities has become the frontline in enhancing students’ confidence and adding insight into the ability to speak in public. By Raising the theme on “How To Be A Perfect Presentator”, this event invite three speakers, namely Muhammad Ridwan, Ahmad Azmi, and the famous story teller Sis Nono. The event was held at the 5th floor of the Bustomi Abdul Ghani Theater on Thursday (10/04/2018).

PSC initiated this activity as a response and moral responsibility for the creation of reliable presenters in the future. The three presenters in this activity conveyed their tips and tricks on how to deliver an interesting presentation, how to deal with the audience and the use of diction in presentations.

One of the presenter, Muhammad Ridwan appreciated the students’ enthusiasm in learning public speaking “this event was organized because there are enthusiasm of students in learning public speaking, especially from the freshmen,” he said. Although in practice there are technical obstacles but do not discourage learning and expectations that arise after attending the event, “in the future we want this event to be sustainable and produce communicative and not monotonous presenters,” Ridwan added.

The ability of public speaking is soft skill that is widely considered in every life aspects, because, people who are able to speak in public with confidence are considered to have more charisma and can influence their listeners. This event was lively and flooded with students enthusiasm. (usa-rs)

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