Lebak, UIN NEWS Online – How does it feel to be a teacher? How to become an educator in the kampong area with limited learning facilities? What does an educator do when he/she has to teach his students in such village schools?

Such questions are often present in the minds of every teacher, including students of the Faculty of Educational Sciences (FITK) UIN Jakarta. Therefore, in order to provide basic knowledge and experience for students of educator candidates, Student Executive Council (Dema) FITK UIN Jakarta held “Ayo Mengajar” program for the faculty students. The program was held from Saturday 29 July until Sunday 6 August tomorrow.

Dema FITK Chairman Adi Raharjo told UIN News Online Friday (4/8/2017), said that the program was held in the hope of introducing the profile and challenge of becoming an educator for the participants. “Gerakan Ayo Mengajar” is also part of the realization noble ideals of the founders of the nation, educating the nation’s life by giving motivational boost for the students to continue the education world,” he said.

In order to enrich their teaching experience, Dema FITK runs the Ayo Mengajar program at a number of schools in Muncang, Lebak, Banten. In addition, the targeted school is entirely a primary school. Each SDN 2 Pasireurih, SDN 2 Muncang, SDN 1 Tanjungwangi, SDN 2 Ciminyak and SDN 1 Cikarang. All of them are located in Muncang District.

According to Adi, Dema FITK deliberately chose to teach in elementary schools. The reason, most people in the villages only take education at the basic level before then work as a farmer. “Most of them (students) will stop continuing education after graduating elementary school,” he explained.

In these elementary schools, prospective teachers from UIN Jakarta teach a variety of student and subjects. Also, they form learning programs outside the classroom, such as scout, arts, and sports. “Alhamdulillah, we got a lot of good experience from the students and their parents,” added Adi. (usa)

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