Bandung, UIN NEWS Online – The quality of professors in college is also much to determine the quality of a college. Therefore, the professors must provide a fundamental role in the progress of Islamic education in Indonesia.

The above statement was released by the Director General of Islamic Education, Ministry of Religious Affairs, Prof. Dr. Phil. Kamaruddin Amin MA in the Leadership Meeting of UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta entitled “Prospect and Direction of PTKI Development”, yesterday.

Kamaruddin wants to parse further that with the large number of professors in Islamic Religious College (PTKI), PTKI is optimistic that Indonesia will become the world’s Islamic education destination. Kamaruddin’s argument rests on the fact that Indonesia has the social capital to be the center of Islamic studies.

“With a large number of professors, a distinctive educational model and a supportive human resource, Indonesia in the future will be the center of world Islamic studies,” Kamaruddin said.

In addition, Kamaruddin also saw many professors who became bureaucrats unable to create a monumental work as a trace of his thinking a great teacher. An academic, a great teacher if included in the bureaucracy will always deal with technical matters.

“But if an academic or a professor does not become a bureaucrat and is unable to create a monumental work as a science production, this becomes a problem,” Kamaruddin said.

For that, for Kamaruddin, it is necessary to revive PTKI which has qualitative warranty in carrying out a big mission as PTKI. And in particular UIN Jakarta orientation should be emphasized on quality not on access to build a network to foreign universities or the recognition of the outside world.

“Al Azhar University does not care about the recognition of the world. Al Azhar focuses on the education model of human resources distingtif. How the works of the professors and lecturers of Al Azhar can be read by many in the world, “said Kamaruddin.

To support the birth of scientific tradition in PTKI, one thing that should be considered is the library. For Kamaruddin, there is no great college in the world that does not have a good library. The library is the heart of the college, the most vital infrastructure that must exist in a college institution and must have good infrastructure.

“If we see libraries going forward in both parts of the globe in Europe as well as in the Middle East region, the library is the main focus that must be developed,” he said. (usa)

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