Medan, UIN News Online – UIN Jakarta’s comparative religion, Ushuluddin Faculty professor Prof. Dr. HM Ridwan Lubis MA receives the Harmony award, handed over directly by the Religious Affairs Minister of Indonesia Lukman Hakim Saifuddin, in Medan, North Sumatra, Monday (07/07/2019).

This gift was given to Ridwan’s involvement in encouraging the harmony between religious communities in North Sumatra and national regions. He was elected along with 16 other North Sumatra figures such as H. Musthafa Bakri Nasution, Legendary Malay Figure Hj. Nur Ainun, and the late Prof. H. Ahmad Baqi.

Quoted from his social media account, Ridwan expressed his gratitude for the award given by the Minister, North Sumatra Government, and the North Sumatra Ministy of Religious Affairs Regional Office. “we believe that this award is intended not only to us as individuals, but to all colleagues who actively promote the religious harmony both regionally and nationally,” he said.

Separately, Minister of Religious Affairs Lukman Hakim Saifuddin appreciate the people and government of North Sumatra who maintain the harmony between religious communities. “I would like to express my sincere appreciationto all religious and community leaders who continue to maintain harmony and peace in North Sumatra,” he said.

In addition to teaching, he also active as a resource person in various academic seminars. He also authored dozens of books, such as Pemikiran Sukarno tentang Islam (1992), Pemetaan Kerukunan Kehidupan Beragama (2009), Sosiologi Agama: Memahami Perkembangan Agama dalam Interaksi Sosial (2015), Merawat Harmoni (2017), and Agama dan Perdamaian (2018).

Moreover, Ridwan also took part in promoting inter-religious harmony in North Sumatra by establishing and managing an inter-religious harmony forum in North Sumatera. He also teaches a number of courses in Postgraduate Schools such as the Sociology of Religion; Multiculturalism, Gender and Religious Harmony; Kebijakan Negara Tentang Agama, and Studi Konflik dan Perdamaian Dalam Agama. (usa)

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