Jakarta, UIN News Online – Professor at the Faculty of Educational Sciences (FITK) UIN Jakarta who also serves as General Secretary of the Muhammadiyah Abdul Mu’ti became the only representative of Indonesia and even Southeast Asia in the meeting of world religious leaders at the Vatican, Tuesday (10/05/2021). Present in the event, world Catholic leader Pope Francis and grand mufti of Al-Azhar Sheikh Ahmad al-Tayyeb and 15 world religious leaders.

On that occasion, Abdul Mu’ti delivered a lecture about the paradox between the great role played by teachers and their welfare insecurity.

“With full dedication, teachers work wholeheartedly for their students. For this dedication they sacrifice time, energy, family and life. To meet their students, teachers have to live in remote areas with very minimal support and facilities. There are teachers in the refugee camps. There are situations where teachers have to teach in a war zone,” said Mu’ti.

However, he continued, their contribution was not equal with their welfare.  There are many teachers who are underpaid. Many teachers live in poor economic conditions. Appreciation to teachers both as individuals and professionals is still unsatisfactory. As a result, the younger generation is less interested in becoming a teacher.

Mu’ti explained that the great task of teachers to prepare the future of the nation’s next generation.

“Of course, this needs to be taken into account by religious leaders in the world. We need collaboration to make teacher a respectable profession and as an agent of human civilization,” said Mu’ti.

For information, The Representatives of Religions forum is designed to promote and at the same time design a collective agreement on inclusive world education, which will have an impact on the peace of all mankind in the future. (usa/mf/musam/okezone)

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