Jakarta, NEWS UIN– Professor of UIN Jakarta Prof Dr Nasaruddin Umar MA inducted into Sheikh Istiqlal Mosque period 2016-2020 in Jakarta, Friday (22/1). Nasaruddin inauguration as a replacement for Prof Dr KH Ali Mustafa Jacob MA is completing his mission carried out by the Minister of Religious Affairs Drs Lukman Hakim Saifuddin.

Responding to his appointment as Honorable Sheikh, as reported by Reuters, Nasaruddin admitted, adopting positions that this time is a mandate that is quite heavy. But because it was mandated, he was ready to carry it out properly. “I humbly request your du’aas, may Allah grant me the ability to execute and guide righteously that which has been entrusted upon me,” he said.

Recognized Faculty Professor of Tafsir in the Ushuluddin Faculty, weighing mandate as Honourable Sheikh of the Istiqlal Mosque due to many factors. In addition to requirements to have deep knowledge of Islam, the position of honourable Sheikh demanded breadth of the Istiqlal Mosque national vision.

The combination of Islamic scholarship and insight in the nation, he added, is necessary, given the position of the Istiqlal Mosque as well as the representation of the state mosque of the Muslims of Indonesia, in international eyes. For various reasons it Nasaruddin claimed that there are many prominent scholars who have better capable than himself.

“Actually I was shocked and I didn’t feel that I was the right person to become the Great Sheikh of the Istiqlal Mosque,” he said modestly.

Before being appointed to the Great Sheikh Position, South Sulawesi-born cleric, June 23, 1959 was once believed to occupy a number of important positions. Starting from the Vice Rector of UIN Jakarta, Director General of Islamic Guidance Ministry of Religious Affairs, and Deputy Minister of Religious Affairs.

In addition to teaching at the Faculty of Islamic Theology and several other universities, Nasaruddin is a prolific writer. He diligently wrote media articles, journal articles, and books. Among them, Sufiism, Gender and Religion Deradicalisation Tafseer, Fiqh When Defend Women and Modern Mysticism.

For education, this Sengkang As’adiyah boarding school students have completed undergraduate education at the Faculty of Islamic Law at IAIN Alauddin, Makasar. He then continued his education at IAIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta for a Masters degree (1992) and doctoral (1998). At the time, Nasaruddin was awarded best doctoral graduate in 1999.

Separately, the rector Prof. Dr. Dede Rosyada MA appreciated positively the appointment Nasaruddin as Great Sheikh of the Istiqlal Mosque. Rector of UIN Jakarta senate council believes it could fulfill their duty as a Great Sheikh until his term is over. “God willing, he is able to give the best to the Istiqlal Mosque, Muslims, and people of Indonesia,” he said. (zm/is)

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