Mahmud Yunus Theater, UIN News Online – Rector of UIN Jakarta Prof Dr Dede Rosyada MA launches his book, entitled “Madrasah dan Profesionalisme Guru dalam Arus Dinamika Pendidikan Islam di Era Otonomi Daerah” during national seminar and book review, organized by Eucational Management Study Program, Faculty of Educational Sciences (FITK), Monday, (5/22), at Mahmud Yunus Theater, campus I of UIN Jakarta. Present as speakers in the event, two professors of Islamic education FITK Prof Dr Husni Rahim and Prof. Dr. Armai Arief.

In his remarks, Rector revealed that the book he wrote is a reflection on issues concerning the development of madrasa as well as the demands on the professionalism of its teachers. The theme is analyzed from the perspective of regional autonomy implementation that allows broad autonomy in the educational sector.

He also added that madrasa is a modern educational institution that plays a major role in building both Islamic literacy and sciences in the midst of Indonesian society. During decentralization time, madrasas are not included into decentralization package, “Madrsas should be independent in this era,” he said.

The book published by UIN Jakarta Press consists of five parts: Dinamika Madrasah di Indonesia, Kurikulum: Pendidikan dan Pembelajaran, Peran Strategis Guru dalam Pendidikan Nasional, Profesionalisme Guru, dan Pendidikan Multikultural di Madrasah. (usa)

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