Rectorate, UIN News Online – Center for Community Outreach (PPM) UIN Jakarta will facilitate Community Outreach Program conducted by the Lecturers (PpMD) for 22 groups of lecturers in various villages, districts, and sub-districts in all over Banten. In addition to encouraging research among the lecturers, this program is also expected to increase the community empowerment in targeted areas.

This was conveyed by the Head of Center for Community Outreach (PPM) UIN Jakarta Djaka Badranaya, S.Ag., ME to UIN News Online, Wednesday, (8/2). According to Djaka, this year, PPM UIN Jakarta offers to facilitate Lecturer’s Community Outreach Program through PpMD scheme. “By seeing the urgencies of community development and research tasks, PPM offers the more advanced type of program than the previous year,” said Djaka.

This year, he added, the program is offered in three types, among them are research-based PpMD where the team of lecturers is obliged to explore specific methods or approaches for empowerment, assisted village-based PpMD for the previous year targeted area, and newly targeted village-based PpMD for new target areas.

Of the dozens of proposals, he added, PPM chose 22 proposals submitted by lecturers. Three Proposals for research-based PpMD, six proposals for assisted village-based PpMD, and 15 proposals for newly targeted village-based PpMD.

“After looking at the relevance of the proposed theme and funding capacity, we only select proposed proposals from 22 groups of lecturers,” added Djaka.

Related to the location, PPM deliberately selected the target areas in all districts / cities throughout Banten Province. “UIN Jakarta is geographically located in Banten and has moral, social, cultural, and spiritual responsibility to devote its institutions to Banten,” he said.

Additionally, the theme of devotion is also diverse according to the scientific approach and urgency of social problems in targeted areas. Research-based devotion group with team coordinator Ns Kustati Budi, for example, proposed assistance program of Posyandu cadre in monitoring the growth of Baduy children in Lebak. Others, a newly built community group with coordinator Imam Subchi and Rena Latifa are proposing a community empowerment program based on the pilot program of cultivation of sengon (Albizia chinensis) in Cikuya, Tangerang Regency. (usa)

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