Ciputat, UIN News Online – PPIM will organize The 2nd Studia Islamika International Conference 2017 on Southeast Asian Islam: Religious Radicalism, Democracy, and Global Trends in Jakarta, Tuesday-Thursday, (August 8th-10th), 2017. This seminar will invite both local and international academicians to presenting their research findings about Islam and Islamic community in these regions.

This was conveyed by the conference convener Jajang Jahroni Ph.D . He explained that this conference is aimed to highlight three contexts on Islam in Southeast Asia, which is Religious Radicalism, Democracy, and Global Trends reflecting from Islamic socio-political development in Southeast Asia, especially in Indonesia.

“Lately, we have already seen the tremendous ways in understanding the radicalism, fundamentalism, and massive social trends in the context of Islam in Southeast Asia. Hence, we want the scholars to present their findings in this panel,” said the Anthropology doctoral graduate from Boston University, United States.

Based on the record, Southeast Asia achieved one of the highest economic developments in the world while faith and ethnicity still play as important factors in political arena in this region.

Therefore, he continues, this conference will invite academics to present their research on some topics. Among them are Religious Radicalism: Approaches, Trends and Methods; Democracy, Citizenship and Identity; Religious Radicalism and Education; Globalization and Transnational Movements: Southeast Asian Islam and ISIS.

Additionally, there are another topics such as Contemporary Islamic Economics and Tourism; Philanthropy and Civil Society; Women, Society and Representation; ocial Media and the Contestation of the Public Sphere; Challenges of Urban Life: Food, Culture and Life Style; dan The Rise of Islamic Populism? Sectarian Politics in Contemporary Indonesia.

In addition to discussing Islam in Southeast Asia, the conference will became a promotional tool for Studia Islamika Journal that consistently publish outstanding work on Indonesian Islamic studies in particular, and Southeast Asian Islamic Studies in general.

Today, Studia Islamika has grown international academic journal indexed by SCOPUS. Southeast Asian and Indonesian Islamic academicians and researchers from various domestic or international universities have entrusted this journal in publishing their research.

The conference also invites students to submit poster on the similar themes on Southeast Asian Islam. This breakthrough is done to accommodate the development of research tradition among the college students.

For those who are interested in presenting their findings, the abstract can be submitted through  before May 15th, 2017. (usa)

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