FITK, UIN News Online – A number of Islamic Education Teachers) Professional Education (PPG PAI) supervisors participated in Refreshment and Online Learning Simulation (In Networks) on Wednesday (6/12/2019) in the theater room of FITK, kampus I of UIN Jakarta.

The supervisors consisted of lecturers from Islamic Education in the field of Islamic Organizational Structure, Contemporary Islamic Education, Qur’an, Hadith, Creed, Morals, Fiqh, and Islamic Cultural History (SKI). Each supervisor has been given a personal account by logging in to using the NIDN and the password provided by FITK.

Dean of FITK,  Sururin, in his speech said that for the first time the Ministry of Religion’s PAI Directorate made its own online program. Previously, online learning for PPG students used the Kemenristekdikti Spada Program.

“This is the first application made by the Ministry of Religious Affairs (MORA), surely there are still some that don’t fit right and there are many disadvantages. Therefore, please provide us with various inputs,” said Sururin.

This PPG activity, she continued, consisted of several activities. After the participants are screened, the next process is 3 months online learing. Beside introducing the simulation of the Ministry of Religious Affairs online system, Sururin also asked the supervisors to participate in correcting the system to become more perfect.

“This is our product and most of the modules are come from FITK UIN Jakarta,” she said.

On the same occasion, PPG PAI FITK Manager Dr. Ahmad Sofyan MPd explained that the preparation of the PPG PAI activities had begun from March 2019 for the preparation of modules and questions about online learning. The implementation is scheduled for three months, starting on June 17 to September 7, 2019.

He added, the total number of online modules was 14 modules, with details of six pedagogic modules and eight PAI modules. For UIN Jakarta, Pedagogics will be completed first with 6 materials, from June 17 to June 22, after completing the PAI content.

Sofyan also said that this activity did not use the Kemenristekdikti program such as the previous PPG , but developing its own program as needed using the RMS Program was aligned with the Kemenristekdikti’s Spada Program.

Due to development, there may still be obstacles during the online process. However, this system has been consulted with the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education and they are agreed.

With this online application, he added, the teacher will rarely leave the class, and at the same time introduce IT to the teacher because all modules can be downloaded in this system.

After following refreshment, the supervisors took part in online learning simulations that included setting schedules, filling out supervisor profiles, learning, discussion, filling out material, guidance, and assessment.

Also present in the event, Ahmad Thib Raya and Aziz Fahrurozi (both Professor of Arabic Language Education), Abuddin Nata (Professor of Islamic Education), and Armai Arief  (Professor of Islamic Education Management). (usa)

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