Syahida Inn, UIN News Online – Center of Language Development (PPB) UIN Jakarta signed memorandum of understanding and memorandum of agreement  with the Language Development and Fostering Agency of the Ministry of Educational and Culture (kemdikbud) Republic Indonesia at Syahida Inn, Ciputat, Tuesday, (8/22/2017). The cooperation is expected to strengthen the role of each institution in developing the teaching on Indonesia language skills for foreign speakers.

The signing of the two memorandums itself was done during the opening of The International Conference on Language Teaching and Assessment held by PPB UIN Jakarta. The Memorandum of Understanding was signed directly by UIN Jakarta Rector Prof Dr Dede Rosyada MA and Prof. Dr. Dadang Sunendar M.Hum, while a memorandum of agreement was done by PPB Head Siti Nurul Azkiya Ph.D and Prof. Dr. Ilza Mayuni MA, and witnessed by Vice Rector for Academic Affairs of UIN Jakarta Dr. Hj Fadhilah Suralaga M.Si.

The Memorandum of understanding and cooperation agreement is emphasized on the development of Indonesian language teaching for foreign speakers. Additionally, cooperation is also expected to synergize assessment or measurement of their Indonesian language skills.

In his speech, the Rector revealed that UIN Jakarta welcomed the cooperation agreement that bridged the synergy between PPB UIN Jakarta and the language development and aostering agency Kemdikbud RI. “This will be a good synergy between PPB and the Language Agency itself in developing better language teaching methods,” he said.

Azkiya also added, this cooperation will motivate PPB UIN Jakarta in providing the best teaching methods in Indonesian language for the foreign speakers. “It’s a good start. Hopefully with this cooperation, PPB UIN Jakarta can be the best institution in its field,” she hoped.

She also mentioned that PPB itself has become one of the organizers of teaching Indonesian language for the foreign speakers. “PPB has also developed a model of Indonesian language proficiency especially for foreign students who want to continue their study at UIN Jakarta,” she added. (usa)

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