Student Affairs Office, UIN News Online – Registration of UIN Jakarta Academic Achievement Enhancement (PPA) program is officially closed on Friday, (03/23/2018). The number of applicants reach 3500 participants.

Sub-division head of Student Administration Budi Purwanti, S.Pd to UIN News online said that on each day, the incoming application forms reaches tens or even hundreds. However, she said, all officers are always ready to serve the applicants. In addition to the officers, this activity also involves several high school students who conducted field study service in UIN Jakarta.

“Alhamdulillah, everything goes according to the plan, verification and data input process also runs normally,” said Budi.

Budi explains, PPA scholarship is one of the scholarships given to all UIN Jakarta active students. Unlike other scholarships, PPA does not require that potential recipients should be from economically disadvantaged students.

“This scholarship is specifically given to students who are active in intra-campus student organizations and other students who are excel in both academic and non-academic fields,” she added.

In addition to student activist, the applicants should have 3.79 or above GPA per semester. Other administrative requirements, applicants are not receiving any scholarships from other institutions and also attach a letter of proof as an activist of intra-campus student organizations.

Meanwhile, student administration officer Farah Nurul Hikam said, PPA scholarship quota is limited to 400 participants. 300 for high achieving students and 100 for high achieving student activist. For one year, the recipients will receive scholarship funds amounting to Rp 2 million. (usa)

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