SC, UIN NEWS Online – Tarbiyah Art Corner (POSTAR) UIN Jakarta’s Faculty of Tarbiyah and Teacher Training (FITK) successfully held a 2018 Single Stage titled Music Ensemble “Maing: Tribute to Ismail Marzuki” on Friday (11/2/2018) at the Hall UIN Jakarta Student Center (SC).

In this event, there were some works from Ismail Marzuki, including Gugur Bunga, Rayuan Pulau Kelapa, O Sarinah, Sepasang Mata Bola, Panon Hideung, and Indonesia Pusaka.

“In addition to appreciating his works (Ismail Marzuki), we also hope that this performance can educate students who do not know the figure of Ismail Marzuki or familiarly called Bang Maing, where he is a legendary composer who was awarded the title of National Hero” said Production Leader, Ennike Setianingrum when asked about the purpose of the chosen theme.

One of the student, Nike, admitted that the preparation for the performance went on for about six months from the process of forming the committee, choosing songs, to rearranging the songs to be sung.

“Song arrangement is a quite difficult part, but at the same time it becomes a moment for us (Postar members) to create, work, and certainly learn,” she added.

She also expressed her delight in the appreciation and support of various parties, one of whom came from Ismail Marzuki’s daughter, Rachmi Azizah.

“Alhamdulillah, from the beginning we asked for permission, Ms. Rachmi was very enthusiastic and supportive, she conveyed quite a lot about the figure of Bang Maing, so that we can be an inspiration, we are very happy that she can attend this performance,” she said.

Rachmi Azizah, the woman who favored the Coconut Island Flirt song on the sidelines of the program gave a message to today’s young people, especially members of the Postar to continue to be enthusiastic.

“Keep learning until finally successful,” she said.

This performance also, continued Nike, can be carried out with full support from FITK for every activity held by its students.

“Hopefully the Postar can continue to be a forum for FITK students, which means the prospective teachers to hone their creativity,” she concluded.

Also present at the occasion were Deputy Dean of Student Affairs and FITK Alumni Affairs, Dr. Fauzan MA, Head of Administration for FITK Imam Thobroni SE and a number of FITK employees.

“Outstanding performance,” Fauzan said to the UIN News Online after watching the Single Stage.

He also added that FITK always encouraged and appreciated these activities so that students were able to express and develop their talents. (usa)

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