FU-300x225FU Building, BERITA UIN Online—Post-Graduate Program of Faculty of Ushuluddin accepted 43 people as the new students through Selection Admission for New Students (SPMB) UIN Jakarta, academic year 2015/2016. The students who passed the test are required to re-register immediately and follow the premiere lecture on September 1st 2015.

This was conveyed by the Head of Master Degrees Program of Faculty of Ushuluddin, DR. AtiyatulUlya MA, in FU building, Wednesday (19/08/2015). According tothis interpretationstudies lecturer, graduationof new studentsapprovedbythe Rector ofUIN JakartaDecreeNo.504of2015ParticipantPassSelectionAdmissions for New Students (SPMB) Master Program(S2) of the Faculty of Islamic TheologyUINJakartaAcademic Year2015/2016, dated August 19, 2015.

Ati added, those 43 students consists of 23 students for Tafsirand Hadith master program, 14 students for Religion Comparison master program, and 6 students for Religion Theology master program. The first two special master programs are divided into Tafsir and Hadith concentration and Confucianism and Inter Religion harmony concentration.

“Thank God, the level of specialization studies in FU master programs continued to shows improvements. Quality improvement for academic programs will be our commitment to produce the appropriatepost-graduate studentwhose depth of knowledgein eachscientific field,” she said.

Master Program Secretary, Maulana MA, said that all 43 people new students are the students who had been selected through several tests of a series of rigorous academic ability. Beside requirements to pass the exam in Arabic and English, students also have to pass the selection of research proposals (thesis) that they will check thoroughly.

“The students who passed the selection are required to re-register and follow their first lecturer which will be start on Tuesday, September 1st 2015,” Maulana added. (Ahmad Baiquni) Translated by Mahar

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