FISIP, UIN News Online – Political Science Study Program of FISIP UIN Jakarta held a discussion with the theme “The Problem of Political Communication of the Party in Indonesia” on Tuesday, October 23, 2018. Present as a speaker Nurul Arifin, a Golkar party politician who began his political career when he became a member of the Indonesian Parliament for 2009-2014 .

In her presentation, Nurul explained the facts that occurred in Indonesia’s political environment. At the beginning of the discussion he asked about the views of the discussion participants on political parties in Indonesia. Most participants conveyed the reputation of corrupt political parties in Indonesia and public skepticism about political parties. Nurul Arifin then conveyed how truly the problem was one of the biggest problems faced by all political parties.

She also described the pattern of political communication carried out by the government or the ruling party, compared to the pattern of political communication by the opposition. Firehouse of falsehood, a term that explains the pattern of opposition political communication.

“The most important thing in opposition political communication is to blame everything done by the government to attract the hearts of the people,” Nurul Arifin said.

In addition, Nurul also conveyed how good political communication is for legislative candidates. Not forgetting on the sidelines of the material presented he reminded the discussion participants not to be abstentions during the election.

When someone nominated as a candidate, the first thing to do is build their reputation. The reputation that is built can be taken from personal background, family, even to the achievements and abilities that are superior. After the image, a candidate must determine what kind of political communication strategy will be implemented in order to attract the voters. Nurul Arifin conveyed how many of the candidates did not pay attention to these matters because for example, they were nominated abruptly only to meet the 30% quota requirement for women.

As a female politician, Nurul Arifin expressed her views on the facts that happened to women involved in political parties.

“Women are only sought to meet the quota requirements. In fact, the number of women who are at the top of the political structure are very small,” she added. (usa)

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