FISIP, UIN News Online –  Political Science Department of UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta participated in the third APSIPOL (Association of Political Science Study Program) conference. This conference was hosted by the Political Science Study Program of the University of North Sumatra (USU) Medan.

During the event, Political Science Study Program of UIN Jakarta sent four delegates. They are Iding Rosyidin, Head of Political Sciences Department; Suryani, Secretary of Political Sciences Department; Agus Nugraha, Vice Dean III, and Ana Sabhana, a lecturer in Political Science.

The conference program was divided into several activities. First, a national seminar with Prof. Dr. Maswadi Rauf, Professor of Political Science at FISIP UI and Dr. Mada Sukmajati, one of the lecturers at UGM Faculty of Social Sciences as keynote speaker. There are many interesting issues presented by the two speakers, such as about elections and democracy, the problems of political parties, political corruption, political financing, and so on.

Second, parallel discussions held after the seminar. Here, the members of the Apsipol whose also lecturers of Political Science Study Program from around 30 universities that are members of APSIPOL presented their papers. The presentation was divided into three clusters and carried out simultaneously.

While the third event is a national gathering event which is actually the culmination of these activities. Guided by Secretary General Lutfi Makhasin and assisted by Chairman Hilmy Mochtar, this discussion took place quite interestingly. In addition to determining the next conference agenda, various organizational issues were discussed.

One thing that is very important to do by APSIPOL is how to compare this association so that it is not only known by the academic community, but also by all people in Indonesia. In the future, as confirmed by Hilmy, APSIPOL can contribute more to political development in the country, both at the academic and practical levels.

As a relatively new organization, being able to hold conferences regularly every year is a positive thing. Moreover, as said by the Treasurer of APSIPOL, Lusi Andriani, there was high enthusiasm from the association members in organizing this conference. Of course this is a good sign for the future of APSIPOL.

Meanwhile, the host, USU’s FISIP Political Science Study Program, as disclosed by Kaprodi Warjio, was very happy and proud because it had been used as the venue for the third APSIPOL conference. FISIP welcomed the APSIPOL delegates with the Malay Welcoming Dance performed nicely by five USU Political Science students. (usa)

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