Psychology building, UIN NEWS Online – Faculty of Psychology of UIN Jakarta collaborated with Psychology Service Center (PLP) held an Assessment Center Training. The purpose of this training was to expand students skill in 6th semester in this Assessment field. The training held on Friday (05/05) at faculty of psychology classroom in UIN Jakarta.

Presented as a tutor guide, Vice Chairman of Psychology Service Center who is also a Psycho diagnostic lecturer of UIN Jakarta, Mulia Sari Dewi.

Before she started with the material, Mulia provided an introduction about assessment in practical psychology. “This assessment is valuable, yet many people still misinterpret about the term assessment center itself.  Many still think that assessment center is as the center of assessment in general term. Having said that, assessment center is a methodology in industrial and organizational setting that uses competencies as the basis”said Mulia.

This method, according to her is a systematic way to assess the skills, knowledge and ability of individuals which considered very important to know ones quality performance.

“This assessment center additionally has great benefits, such as to develop human resource development strategies, to perform various analyzes, such as job analysis, competency potential analysis, needs analysis, and so forth,” he snapped.

On the occasion, Mulia explained about three basic subjects on the assessment center. That is, basic assessment, competency matrix, and competency dictionary.

UIN NEWS Online Monitored on the site, participants appear to be very enthusiastic to attend the training.  It is evidence that lot of questions had been asked by participants which mainly asking about material content presented. It was not only the material, at the end of the training, the participants had the opportunity to conduct a job analysis simulation. The analysis is done based on the matrix and the competency dictionary that has been provided.

Materials and simulations output taken from this training is that each participant has an additional point in this assessment center field  that students are expected to compete in the working world with adequate competence. (usa).

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