RSU, UIN News Online – Planning and Financing (PK) Bureau of UIN Jakarta conducts monitoring and evaluating for the implementation of the 2019 even semester Education Management Information System (EMIS) data, Wednesday (6/26) at RSU, Campus I of UIN Jakarta.

The activity, which was opened by PK bureau chief of UIN Jakarta Khairunnas was attended by all staff and ranks of the PK Bureau, Head of Subdivision, AIS administrators for both centers and faculties in the UIN Jakart.

Khairunnas in his remarks confirms the importance of updating data, both student data, lecturers and employees, and expects AIS and SIMPEG administrators to be active in carrying out the updating process regularly.

“The data must be updated regularly, this is due to the data will be used as the basis for calculating financial policies in determining the budget acquisition for the following year,” said Khairunnas.

Considering the importance of the data, he added, it is expected that the sub-division head for academic affairs and AIS administrators to always coordinate with the relevant work units regarding data suitability. If there is a discrepancy, then immediately coordinate with the leadership to be given a valid and actual solution.

For information, the discussion recommended several outputs about students, lecturers and employees at UIN Jakarta. (usa)

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