FITK,UIN News Online – The Madrasah Ibtidaiyah Teacher Education Program (PGMI) Faculty of Tarbiyah and Teacher Training (FITK) UIN Jakarta holds Studium General, Monday (09/09/2019) at the Mahmud Yunus Theater, FITK Building, campus I of UIN Jakarta.

By raising the theme on “Primary Education Curriculum Development in the 21st Century”, this event invites Aurora Adina Colosmeischi from the University of Suceava, Romania. Also present in the event, Dean of FITK UIN Jakarta Sururin, Vice Dean for Academic Affairs FITK UIN Jakarta M Zuhdi, PGMI Department Head Asep Ediana Latip, and academic community of PGMI FITK UIN Jakarta.

Aurora in her presentation motivated students to prepare themselves to face future. According to Aurora, the next generation is required to develop curiosity, imagination, tenacity and self-regulation.

“In this 21st Century, you have to get used in facing various failure and refusal to moving forward and be motivated to achieve the best results,” she said.

She also added, in order to achieve the best results, students must continue to hone and develop their skills. There are three skills that must be possessed by students. First, learning skills which is used to communicate, collaborate, think creatively, and think critically in learning activities.

Second, literacy skills, which are used to access various information, media, and technology.

“And lastly, life skills, which is the ability to live in a flexible, productive, initiative, socializing in order to survive in the community,” said Aurora.

Next, Aurora ended her presentation by reminding students had to do various preparations early so that they would not regret later. (usa/lrf/mf)

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