FITK, UIN News Online – Islamic Primary School Teacher Education (PGMI) Department of FITK UIN Jakarta plans to open Master’s degree (S2) program. The opening of the program is considered very urgent to increase the capacity of PGMI S1 graduates as well as to improve the educational quality at primary school (MI/SD) level.

“In addition to improving the educational quality at primary school, the opening of PGMI Master’s degree program also aims to encourage the PGMI S1 graduates continue their study,” said secretary of PGMI Department UIN Jakarta Asep Ediana Latip MPd to UIN News Online in his office, Thursday, (02/01/2018).

Moreover, he continued, the opening of PGMI Master program also aims to fill the needs of PGMI/PGSD lecturers. He also hopes that the opening of this program will positively contribute to institutional development of FITK UIN Jakarta as one of LPTK (teacher training institutions) in Indonesia.

“The opening of this program can strengthen the image of UIN Jakarta as one of the best and internationally recognized state Islamic religious universities,” he said.

Asep also added that his team is currently doing various preparations, and expected to be completed by this year.

Based on UIN News Online records, FITK UIN Jakarta currently has three master programs, namely Master of Islamic Education, Master of English Education, and Master of Islamic Education Management. (usa)

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