FITK, UIN NEWS Online – To provide skills to its students, Islamic Primary School Teacher Education (PGMI) Department of FITK UIN Jakarta held a Basic Advanced Scout Training Course (KMD) on 30-31 March and April 1, 2018 (indoor) and 6-8 April 2018 (outdoor). The course was held on the cooperation of PGMI Department and Center for Scout Movement Education and Training South Jakarta Kwartir Baranch, and participated by 75 participants.

PGMI Department Head, Dr. Khalimi, in his office, Tuesday (04/03/2018) said, KMD is divided into several batches according to the number of students. The first batch is open for 8th semester students. That’s because the number of PGMI students is quite lot, so it is not possible to do it in single batch.

“In addition to many classes and students, the number of trainers are also limited,” he said.

For Khalimi, this KMD is important for PGMI students who will be educational graduates in the future. They are prospective teachers at school and at least they have additional certificates in the field of scouting.

Khalimi hope this KMD can be followed by all PGMI students because it is one of the requirements of graduation. According to the new curriculum based on the Indonesian National Qualification Framework (KKNI) applicable throughout Indonesia, every graduate student must have a legitimate diploma supplement certificate (SKPI).

“For PGMI Prodi students we focus on KMD activities. Later, after graduating KMD, students will get a certificate or a diploma as a candidate scout leader in the school,” he explained.

KMD is held for six days or equivalent to 72 lesson hours. The first three days were done in the classroom (indoor) in the form of materials theory and three days both outside the classroom (outdoor), which is a practice at camp in Situ Gintung tourism area, East Ciputat, South Tangerang. During the activity, students are trained by trainers from Pusdiklatcab Jakarta Selatan with at least 15 professional and experienced trainers. (usa)

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