Rector Building, UIN NEWS Online– Meanwhile, the Rector of UIN Jakarta Prof Dr Dede Rosyada MA invites students and the Australian community who are interested in studying Islam at UIN Jakarta. UIN Jakarta will accept openly the people of Australia and the world to come and study Islam at UIN.

“We invited Australian students to study Islam at UIN Jakarta, because this campus is one of the largest Islamic universities in the world,” said the rector.

According to the rector, UIN Jakarta always holds the principle of scientific assessment of Islam that is open and modern. This principle was developed by the integration of Islamic learning and general science. Thus the students and the public learning at UIN Jakarta is expected to grow as a scholar open-minded and modern.

Responding to this, Paul Grigson who previously served in a number of many Islamic countries recognized, Indonesian Islamic Style has a more open and modern character than Islam in various other areas.

“Maybe, Islam in Indonesia is an Islam that is exemplary as a true image of Islam,” he said. (Translated by Ihsan/Safee)

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