Rectorate, UIN NEWS Online – The Academy and Student Intake and Introduction (PBAK) for new students in academic year 2017/2018 ended this afternoon ends. Participants also assessed tht the orientation period free of bullying element.

Hundreds of new students from the Faculty of Dakwah and Communication Science (Fidikom) held a peaceful rally in front of the Rectorate building on Thursday (8/24/2017). They submitted a petition about the peaceful implementation of PBAK. Their action was escorted by dozens of senior students from the Student Council Faculty and Student Association Department elements.

By holding a banner reading “PBAK Happy Without Bullying”, the students expressed their gratitude both to the leaders of UIN Jakarta and to their seniors, that this year’s PBAK period runs smoothly, peacefully and without any slightest harassment. They considered PBAK to be a positive and constructive learning process in recognizing the academic cultural environment at UIN Jakarta.

“We thank all of them because PBAK is safe and peaceful. We are really happy, “said one of the new students who are reluctant to mention his identity.

The PBAK period was held for three days since the opening on Tuesday (8/22/2017). Students receive materials about the academic, administrative, and student affairs that are presented by university officials. The rest of the material about the faculty and majors and various units of student activities (SMEs).

Previously, in this media, Monday (14/08/2017), Vice Rector of Student Affairs Yusron Razak reminded that PBAK should run smoothly and avoid the elements of bullying. Because, according to Yusron, the substance of PBAK is nothing but a tool for the introduction of new students to the academic and student activities that they will pass during their college years.

“We remind once again that PBAK activities should reflect academic quality. New students should not be used as a punching bag of senior students, “said Yusron.

The peaceful rally  lasts about half an hour. After delivering the expression of happiness, they then disperse to return to the faculty. (usa-rs)

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