Pangandaran, UIN News Online – UIN Jakarta held a campus socialization program in several high schools (MA / SMA / SMK) in Pangandaran District, West Java, Thursday-Friday (4-5 / 10/2018). The socialization program was carried out by a joint team from the academic and public relations departments.

The Head of the Socialization Team, Edy Suandi, said that UIN Jakarta must actively conduct various socialization and promotion activities to schools in various regions. This was done so that people could get to know the UIN Jakarta campus widely. Also important socialization events are held to strengthen the relationship between campus and stakeholders, especially with high schools as a base for prospective students.

“Campus socialization is not only important but also must be a routine campus program. Through this socialization we can also explain to the public about Islam, humanity, and Indonesia-ness as it is the vision and mission of UIN Jakarta, “he said.

The target of socialization in Pangandaraan is the 12th grade students from various public and religious schools, such as high schools / vocational schools / MA and Islamic boarding schools. They are prospective students who will continue to college, especially UIN Jakarta. The socialization material presented included the study programs offered, selection pathways, tuition fees, scholarships, student activities, and the campus and academic environment.

During the two days of socialization, the 13-member team was divided into two teams. Each team conducted socialization in four schools, both public and private.

Edy Suandi hopes that through this socialization students can receive information in full about UIN Jakarta and choose study programs that are appropriate to their interests and abilities. (usa-rs)

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