Pandeglang, UIN News Online – Several MA/Pesantren students in Pandeglang Regency, Banten, stated their enthusiasm to pursue their study at UIN Jakarta. They hope once they graduate from High School and pesantren. they can apply and be accepted as UIN Jakarta student through many available options.

The students hope was presented when UIN Jakarta held a socialization and promotion event in several schools at Pandeglang Regency on 6-8 November,2018. On the occasion, there 5 madrassas and pesantren were visited. The main target of the event is the 12th grade students who will be graduated in 2019.

Sub-division head of Publication and Documentary UIN Jakarta Samsudin said this socialization program was aimed to provide detailed information about UIN Jakarta. “With such information, we expect the students to prepare themselves if they want to continue their study in UIN Jakarta,” he said.

The arrival of the socialization team itself was warmly welcomed by the students. Various questions are being asked by the students, starting from faculty and study program, accreditation, tuition fee, and scholarship.

One of the officials, Zaenal Muttaqin, Wednesday, (11/07/2018) said that the opportunity to be accepted in UIN Jakarta is very dependent on the results of the selection. Besides it is highly competitive, the determination of new student candidates is also depended on their personal achievement.

According to Zaenal, UIN Jakarta provides scholarships for outstanding students of economically disadvantaged families. “Scholarships will be given to underprivileged students but has a great academic potential,” he added. (usa)

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