FITK Building,   UIN News Online–   A total of 91 delegates from the Islamic High School (STAI) Ma’arif Lampung visited FITK UIN Jakarta for a comparative study on Tuesday (08/07/2018).

The group consisting of 80 seventh semester students of Islamic Education Study Program (PAI) and 11 lecturers were received by the Dean of FITK Prof. Dr. Ahmad Thib Raya MA, Deputy Dean of Academic Affairs M Zuhdi MEd PhD, Chairperson of PAI Study Program Dr. Abd Majid Khon MA and Chair of PAI Masters Dr. Sapiudin MA in the Theater Room Prof. Dr. Mahmud Yunus 3rd floor.

In his remarks, Thib Raya hoped the delegates could learn a lot at FITK UIN Jakarta, especially from the PAI Study Program and the FITK Masters Program.

“The PAI program and the Masters of FITK UIN Jakarta are the oldest programs in UIN in Indonesia. I recommend STAI Ma’arif Lampung students to be able to continue their studies at the FITK Masters, “said Thib Raya.

If you only graduate from S1, continued Thib, you can only be a teacher candidate. He added, to be a professional teacher candidate, FITK graduates must attend the Teacher Professional Practice (PPG) program for one year.

On the same occasion, the Chairperson of PAI Study Program, Dr. Abd Majid Khon said that the PAI FITK UIN Jakarta Study Program had a laboratory for practicum, good   microteaching   as well as the process of managing the body.

“This lab makes PAI FITK different from PAI on other campuses,” Majid said.

With this lab, continued Majid, PAI students are expected to be able to skillfully teach PAI and are skilled in the process of obtaining corpses, from starting bathing, caressing, dressing, to burying.

“This is a rare skill that has no school, so they have additional skills besides teaching,” added Majid.

According to him, this additional skill can enter the SKPI (Diploma Supplement Certificate) which enriches the competence of PAI graduates as prospective teachers and as future professional teachers in the community. (usa)

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