SPs Auditorium, UIN NEWS Online — The notion and practice of terrorism that threaten human values does not represent any religion, especially Islam. Any religion, for example Islam, encourages the implementation of values that honor humanity and the universe.

This was conveyed by the Saudi Arabian Ambassador to Indonesia Osama bin Mohammed Abdullah Al Shuaibi, in a public lecture entitled Islam Religion of Peace: The Role of Muslim Countries in Realizing World Peace at the Auditorium of SPs UIN Jakarta, Tuesday (6/6/2017). The event  was also attended by leaders and teachers of SPs Prof Dr Masykuri Abdillah, Dr. JM. Muslimin, Prof Dr Atho Mudzhar, and moderator Dr. Hamka Hasan.

According to Al-Shuaebi, terrorism does not represent any religion, especially Islam. Since its emergence, he said, Islam does not teach its people to do damage. In accordance with the name of Islam which means peace, its teachings contain messages of salvation and peace.

“Like greetings by saying salam, the message contained in it is that Muslims are required to spread peace to anyone and everywhere. Similarly, in the Qur’an and Sunnah, there is no command to do damage and destruction, “he said.

Concerning terrorism ideas and actions, he said, the Saudi Arabian government is working hard to fight terrorism through various fields. Terrorism and radicalism have been declared as forbidden organization. Through Dakwah and thought approach, Saudi Arabia also gives support and sponsor to institutions which has committed to de-radicalization around the world.

Furthermore, in society aspect, Saudi Arabian Kingdom is also working hard against the poverty and is empowering people and families of former and victims of terrorists. In terms of security, Saudi Arabia strengthens its internal government by establishing and strengthening security alliances against terrorism and radicalism.

Several policies applied by Saudi Arabia is by embracing refugee terrorism victims by providing shelter and jobs. “As for the refugees who go to Europe, we provide food and medicine,” respond Al-Shuaebi to answer students question about the refugee victims of terrorism

Based on UIN News Online observation, this public lecture activity draw enthusiasm of the participants. There were at least more than seven questioned from students which varied from the latest political attitudes and policies to their attitudes and policies on radical organizations lately. “Basically Saudi Arabia rejects any institution that threatens the sovereignty of the state and society,” he replied diplomatically. (usa)

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