FITK, UIN News Online – Organization, Personnel and Legislation sub division (Ortala) of AUK Bureau UIN Jakarta conducting employee mapping activities for eight days, starting from January 10-January 19, 2018.

Sub-division head of ortala UIN Jakarta Yunas Konefi, M.Si explained that this activity is conducted in order to review the workload analysis of UIN Jakarta employees. “From here, we will know the workload of each employee, so we can recommend the needs of employees in each unit to the leaderships of UIN Jakarta,” said Yunas during her briefing to 50 FITK employees, Monday, (1/15/2018).

Furthermore, she continues, this activity also reviewed the standard operating procedure that will be adjusted to the development of UIN Jakarta.

“This is in accordance with the mandate of Minister of Religious Affairs Regulation No 6, year 2016 regarding Proposition and Provision of Remuneration,” she added.

To complete the mandate, the minimum service standards of employees must have been prepared first. Thus, it is expected that employees can be proposed to follow the appropriate training so that the employee will have the appropriate position.

“Based on the Minister of Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform (Menpan RB) regulation, employees must have functional positions based on their expertise,” she said.

From this activity, it is expected that UIN Jakarta has Human Resource Bank that will facilitate the leaders to place the employees according to their expertise.

“It takes the support from all units in UIN Jakarta to realize the plan,” she concluded.

Based on the data obtained, Ortala will perform employee mapping in all 48 work units in UIN Jakarta. Each employee will be given employee data form that contains personal data, last education, competence / expertise, training that has been followed and their job description.

Present in the event, Vice Dean of FITK General Administration Dr Ahmad Sofyan MPd, Administration division head of FITK Imam Thobroni SE, Financial Sub-division head of FITK Lili Solihat, Sub-division of general affairs of FITK Dhian Sukmaningsih and sub-division head of academic affairs FITK Ahmad Sulhi MKom. (usa)

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