SPs, UIN NEWS Online   – Implementation of oral test on 69 new students’ candidates of 5,000 Doctor of Internal Affairs Program Directorate of Islamic Higher Education Ministry of Religious Affairs held at the building of Graduate School (SPs) UIN Jakarta, Friday (06/29/2018), running quite smoothly. The oral test of the dissertation proposal interview was conducted in the classroom in private.

The oral test begins at 08.00 WIB. The test involved at least 20 lecturers. Each participant was tested by an average of two lecturers with duration of 5-10 minutes per participant in turn.

Participants seem to be enthusiastic following the test. They expect an oral test on the second day and also determine how the graduation goes well. A day before, the participants from various regions in Indonesia had undergone written test in the form of Academic Potential Test (TPA), Arabic, and English.

The test takers are prospective scholarship recipients of 5,000 Doctor Program of Home Affairs held by Directorate of Islamic Higher Education Ministry of Religious Affairs for study program   Islamic Studies. Based on records, the number of participants who are nationally selected are 1,358 people. They come from various universities and other institutions, both public and private, throughout Indonesia.

The venue for selection is at 17 state Islamic religious colleges (PTKIN). In addition to UIN Jakarta, the selection is also held simultaneously nationally, including in UIN Aceh, UIN Riau, UIN Palembang, UIN Yogyakarta, UIN Malang, UIN Surabaya, and UIN Makassar.

“There are 78 participants who choose SPs UIN Jakarta. Apart from in UIN Jakarta, also from Islamic universities or other institutions throughout Indonesia, “said Asriati, Head of Administration SPs UIN Jakarta to   NEWS UIN Online   in his office on Friday (06/29/2018).

According to him, the participant’s graduation will be announced on 28 July 2018 on a future basis   on line   through the Ministry of Religious Affairs website. As for the odd semester lecture will begin in early September 2018. (usa)

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