Rectorate, UIN NEWS Online-In an effort to make UIN Jakarta lecturers assurance in taking care of their NIDN (Number of National Lecturer), NIDK (Number of Special Lecturers), and NUP (Number of Educators), the Organization, Personnel and Regulations (OKP) Bureau of Public Administration and Personnel (BAUK) UIN Jakarta held workshop on Socialization of OKP Service Mechanism: NIDN, NIDK and NUP for Lecturers and Launching OKP Website.

This was conveyed by Head of Bureau of AUK UIN Jakarta, Dr H Rudi Subiyantoro MPd to UIN NEWS Online on the event sidelines. The event, which was attended by at least 150 participants, was held on Wednesday (20/09) at Diorama Room, Campus I, UIN Jakarta.

According to Rudi this socialization activity was motivated by the number of lecturers ofUIN Jakarta who have not obtained NIDN, NIDK, and NUP for various reasons behind it.

“Therefore, the need for socialization activities regarding this handling matter is important so that all lecturers can immediately take care and obtain NIDN, NIDK and NUP,” he said.

The workshop was officially opened by the Rector of UIN Jakarta, Prof. Dr. Dede Rosyada MA, and was attended by all lecturers of civil servants, non permanent civil servants, non-permanent lecturers of UIN Jakarta both who have received or have not received NIDN cards and some invited  structural officials from a number of Faculties which handle personnel issues.

In his speech, the Rector expressed his appreciation for the implementation of this activity, and specifically emphasized the importance of lecturers’ understanding of their own job-desk which is to serve the students by doing their teaching load of 12 SKS (semester credit units), where each SKS consists of 180 minutes.

“Hopefully, with this NIDN card, lecturers focus on teaching increasing and also decreasing their activities off campus. It should be remembered that NIDN card is also an acceptance guarantee of UIN Jakarta graduates by the users, “explained rector.

Present as keynote speakers in this activity were Mulyono SH MM (Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education), Wakidi SPd MM, and Drs Agus Soleh MEd (Ministry of Religious Affairs).

In his speech, Mulyono conveys the importance of NIDN, NIDK and NUP in performing lecturers’ duties.

Meanwhile, Wakidi conveyed things related to the terms and procedures for the management of NIDN, NIDK, and NUP. In the future, it is expected that all lecturers immediately take care of their NIDN, NIDK and NUP with various simplicity which will be facilitated by the Organization, Personnel and Legislation Division (OKP) of AUK Bureau of UIN Jakarta. It is done to ensure the assurance of lecturers’ status and to improve their performance quality. (usa-im)

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