Brunei Darussalam, UIN NEWS Online– Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines and Brunei Darussalam (BD) are Southeast Asian countries that have advantages of tradition and distinctiveness in the field of education.

Education advancement of a country has prominently affected its people mindset in interacting. This perspective can be caused by the comfort of life.

Thus was the note of Vice Dean for Student Affairs Faculty of Tarbiyah and Teacher Training (FITK) UIN Jakarta Dr. Fauzan who delegated the initiation of cooperation trip to Brunei Darussalam along with the Rector of UIN Jakarta Prof. Dr. Dede Rosyada, Vice Rector for Cooperation Prof. Dr. Murodi, Head of Research and Publishing Center Wahdi Sayuti MA, and Director of Development Madrasah Dr Bahrissalim via his social media account, Thursday (19/10/2017).

“we can compare frankly in our country that we still talk about BOS funds, tuition fee, and Single Tuition (UKT) and comes with various reactions, different in BD which were already focus on the provision of quality education, all the learning financing for students and teachers / lecturers is the responsibility of the government, ” said Fauzan on his break time at Omar Ali Saifuddin Mosque in BD, then he continued ” All students, had given a large allowance, so they duty only study and learn. “

He saw that BD was taking education seriously especially in paying attention to teachers and lecturers welfare by giving them a remarkable appreciation.

“It is remarkable, the situation was very different when compared to our country, it can lead to social jealousy,” said Fauzan joked.

Nevertheless, he continued, when talking about educational standards and rules on teacher competence, Indonesia is also has great system and the ideal rules are very good if applied for further balance with the appreciation given.

According to Fauzan, he analyzed that if BD can do that, then why Indonesia is still proceeding, he thought of three assumptions that can be put forward.

First, with population of 400 thousand people, while the wealth (especially oil) is abundant, the condition is very rational.

Secondly, he continued, the commitment and political will of the government is extraordinarily high, especially in the matter of religious education or diniyah. At all levels of education, religion as a basis for learning, is a must in the application. Its existence must be the spirit of all educational execution, and the portion of the curriculum is slightly different from Indonesian system.

Finally, BD continues to maintain the Malay-Islamic tradition (indigenous and non-indigenous terms are not allowed) in every corner of the community’s activities, especially in education.

“The Malay-Islamic Jargon of Beraja is strongly embedded in the development of SPN 21 Curriculum Model, in addition to literacy, cultivation, and the three domains which always exist in education,” said doctor of education science of University of Education Indonesia (UPI) Bandung 2015.

Such conditions, according to him, have implications greatly on the values or politeness of a positive daily behavior.  (usa-im)

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