Aula Madya, UIN News Online – New students who passed the Joint College Entrance Selection (SBMPTN) 2016 are currently undergoing the medical examination in Aula Madya performed by the doctors from Syarif Hidayatullah Hospital Jakarta. The medical examination will be conducted for a week, starting from July 11th until 18th 2016.

Miftah Jannah Suryani, new students from the Faculty of Science and Technology (FST), were seen waiting in line at the examination room. “I will do Urine and X-ray test right after this.” She said.

Aside from Mifthah, there is another student who also waited in line. Alan Darmawan, a student from the Faculty of Economics and Business who will be carried out the X-ray test. “Alhamdulillah I come early in the morning so that I can complete the test sooner.” He said.

Medical examination became part of the re-registration of new students UIN Jakarta. The checks include blood pressure, X-rays, urine, weight, and height test specifically for students of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences. (ika p/hmn/umar)

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