Campus UIN, UIN News Online – the new scholars are asked to increase profesionalism as well as and new knowledge outside the campus. Because the workforce is currently not always emphasis linearity but professionalism.

Mr. Dede Rosyada as rector of UIN Jakarta said, when giving a brief greeting in front of the graduate of the Graduation Degree to- 110 in front of the head of university building, Saturday (11/03/2018). “The workforce is currently more need graduates who are innovative and creative. Therefore I ask to the scholars to focus on self-development by improving expertise and skills, “he said.

The rector advised that they to improve their skill, so that they are able to compete with graduates from other colleges. The progress of UIN Jakarta has also already highly anticipated community and they expect its contribution to the advancement of the role of the community.

“We proud that today you will be graduate. This is one of the achievements because you have prepared your studies according the ideals and expectations became a scholar, “said former Dean Faculty of Educational Science.

After giving opening remarks, Rector who accompanied the Vice Rector and the Dean of the Faculty of it and then proceed to do a tree planting in the garden front head of university building. Planting trees in the grounds of the campus is a tradition before graduation ceremony begins. It aims as a symbol of the progress of science in the UIN Jakarta as well as the hope that the campus can grow and thrive in the future. (usa)

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