Main Auditorium, UIN NEWS Online-“If we go to college, never think that our chosen department is wrong or” madsu ” aka gloomy future or have no future. Yet, we must always want to learn many positive things as enrichment of our ability to navigate our after-graduated-from-college life.

Thus was an excerpt from the words of Mauluddin Anwar as one of the alumni of Faculty of Adab and Humanities in 1994, who attended the book review event From Stages of Tradition to the History Transformation of Faculty of Adab and Humanities on Wednesday (13/09), at Auditorium Harun Nasution campus I UIN Jakarta.

Still according to Mauluddin who is currently serves as Head of News Production on Liputan 6 SCTV. According to him alumni FAH in particular and UIN Jakarta in general actually able to become anything, work anywhere and succeed in the field we earned it.

 “My hobby is writing, I continue my hobby to my college life. By pursuing my hobby, lots of my writing paper published in several printed media” he said.

He also explained that by pursuing and focus on his talent, able to help himself to prepare to live after-graduated-from-college-life from UIN Jakarta.

In the same place, Tb. Ace Hasan Syadzily MSi who also had the opportunity to attend, conveys his testimonials and said that FAH actually has done what should be done. Furthermore, students should be more independent and actively looking for opportunities in adding up their skills and develop themselves.

 “Being a student must be active in various positive things. Never limit yourself in receiving good things which can make yourself better. I am grateful and thanked the lecturers who have guided me during my study at FAH” said the former Chairman of BEM UIN Jakarta.

At the end of his speech, Tb Ace advised the students to always keep the FAH identity and UIN Jakarta as an Islamic university which currently has the ideal goal to create Islamic Professionals. (usa-im)

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