FU, UIN News Online – Sociologist and female activist Neng Dara Affiah M.Si was elected as Chairwoman of the Ushuluddin Faculty Alumni Association or IKALFU for the period 2021-2023 on Friday, (05/07/2021). She hopes that the IKALFU UIN Jakarta can synergize the FU alumni to support the acceleration of academic, student and alumni work programs.

Apart from Neng Dara Affiah, several names were also selected as IKALFU administrators. Among them are Nurhasanah who leads the field of Ushuluddin Scholarship, Su’udi who leads the field of HR and Institutions, Ali Ghozi who leads the field of Communication and Publications, Yuniyanti Chuzaifah chaired the field of Research and Development and Islamic Studies and Rizki Yazid chaired the IT and Alumni Data Sector.

Several members were also appointed to coordinate the alumni network according to the department within the Faculty of Ushuluddin. Among them, Mohammad Barzah Hidayat as the Networking Coordinatorfor the Da’wah Department and Rahmi F. Tanjung as the coordinator for the Department of Comparative Religion, Sociology of Religion, and Study of Religions.

Furthermore, Abdul Muis became the coordinator of the Networking coordinator of Aqidah Philosophy, Islamic Political Thought, Aqidah and Philosophy, and Sufism department, and Sulaiman Rohimi as the Networking coordinator for Hadith Interpretation, Study of Qur’an and Tafsir, and Study of Hadith department.

“Hopefully, we can work together, hand in hand, in fulfilling this mandate,” said Neng Dara.

Neng also revealed that she would organize a work meeting to prepare various programs that could support the faculty. “Of course, in the long term, it will improve theFaculty of Ushuluddin quality, for example, how can we support the Faculty of Ushuluddin in improving and maintaining the “A” accdreditation status in each study program,” she said.

On the same occasion, the IKALFU Board of Tustees Director Amsal Bakhtiar Amsal also hoped for an active role from alumni in advancing the faculty. “One of them is by providing scholarships for Ushuluddin Faculty students,” said Amsal. (usa/zm)

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