Ciputat, UIN NEWS Online – A happy face glowed from the sweet girl of Temanggung, which was born on November 21, 1995. This happiness turned out to be her timeless moment which she has recently received the award as the best scholar at the 106th Graduation ceremony held Saturday-Sunday (4-5 / 11), at the Auditorium Harun Nasution UIN Jakarta.

As a bachelor of Religious Faculty Dirasat Islamiyah (FDI), she graduated with GPA 3.94 / Kumlaude at university level in Strata 1 (S1). “Alhamdulillah, seriousness and hard work is paying off,” said the scholar who has a strong will to memorize Qur’an.

Nelli, as her nickname, initiated her thanks to the professors and the parties who have supported and give blessing to her, special gratitude she addressed to her parents who have been pushing her to go to college. They, according to her, never stop praying and giving support.

“I am happy because my parents feel proud of me. Although what I have done was nothing when compared to the kindness they have given me, “she said.

As the third daughter of four siblings from Ahmad Syafi’I and Maslamah, she added that the key to succeed in the achievement is discipline in arranging time so as not to wasted it in vain.

“Study hard, use time accordingly during college as best as possible, always pray to Allah SWT and ask for blessing from parents. Because, as young generations, we need to continue of the efforts of our predecessors,” said the fans of Prof Huzaimah and Prof. Amani Lubis.

Nelli Lailiyyatu Alfina successfully graduated after defending bachelor thesis in front of examiners with the title AL-AHADIS AN-nabawiyah Haula Al-Adzkar Al-Maktsurah Ba’da As-Shalawat AlMafrudhah (Takhrijan Dirasatan Tahliliyatan). The paper she wrote has background of habits of the community to recite lafadz dhikr after prayer from generations to generations, but the basis and source of the lafadz has not been known.

As her goals to be a translator, she also expressed her impressions during the study at the campus of UIN Jakarta, especially FDI. “I am grateful to be able to study on this campus which has numerous professors. In addition, scientifically, UIN Jakarta becomes the right choice to enrich ourselves with various knowledge and skills, “she explained.

When interviewed by UIN NEWS Online, she said that she intended to continue her studies to the level of Master (S2) and Doctorate. But before that she wanted to finish her Qur’an memorizing and finished studying “ngaji” at Pondok Pesantren Darussunah, Ciputat.

“I hope blessing and pray from you all, hopefully in the near future, I can finish my tasks in Ciputat. That way I can focus on finding scholarships to Sudan or Morocco. I chose the country because the numbers of Indonesian students were some, so I hope the chances are big for me, “said Santri who graduated from Pondok Pesantren Padang Panjang, Bukit Tinggi, West Sumatra.

When asked about her expectations for UIN Jakarta especially FDI, Nelli said firmly that there is a need for dormitories with practicing Arabic language for FDI students. If they were provided this dormitory, they can practice the Arabic and for consequences it will always be used. “Moreover, our campus is State Islamic University, Arabic should always be used and if necessary the best,” said Nelli. (usa-im)

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