Auditorium, UIN NEWS Online – The daughter in law of Indonesia’s Minister of Finance Dr Sri Mulyani Indrawati (55), dr Hana Fadhilah, took the Doctor’s oath along with other 63 doctors at Auditorium Harun Nasution,Thursday (13/4/2017).

The 21st Doctor’s oath was attended by FKIK Dean Prof Dr Arief Sumantri, representative of Indonesian Doctor Association (IDI) Regional Banten, Representative of Fatmawati Hospital Jakarta, Representative of UIN Jakarta Moslem Doctors Alumni Association, and the parents of the new doctors.

Sri Mulyani, accompanied by her husband Tony Sumartono.she came to visit her daughter in law. Besides, the former COO of World Bank admitted that she wants to see UIN Jakarta campus personally.

Sri Mulyani came to UIN Jakarta campus at 08.00 with her official car and the bodyguards. Shortly after arriving, she went to Auditorium, the place to hold the doctor’s oath. She was wearing a white kebaya with floral pattern combined with white dress.

There was no special welcoming when the woman born in Tanjungkarang, Lampung, 26 August 1962, came to campus UIN Jakarta. She was welcomed by the Rector Prof Dr Dede Rosyada along with other UIN Jakarta board of leaders.

Sri Mulyani did not come only with her husband, her in laws, Ir Mirna and dr Chamim SPOG (K), was also present to see their daughter, Hana Fadhilah, who took doctor’s oath. Hana Fadhilah is the wife of the second son of Sri Mulyani, Adwin Haryo Indrawan who is also a doctor who graduated from University of Indonesia Faculty of Medicine.

 “Today, I am proud of my daughter (in law) who is becoming a doctor. I think this is an outstanding achievement of her hard work,” she said to UIN NEWS Online when she walked down the stairs after the event. “Besides, I get the chance to see UIN Jakarta Campus in person,” she said.

According to Sri Mulyani, her daughter in law studied in Medicine Program FKIK UIN Jakarta is based on her own interest. As a parent, she only gave her blessing and she was glad of her children’s dream to be a doctor.

“It was their own goal to be a doctor. Whatever their chosen study field, I can only support them because it was themselves who will do the job,” she said.

After attending the event, she then get into her official car and went to her office in Jakarta. (usa-rs)

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