In the homeland, Dede warned, residents and government agencies, about the tune in addressing the various issues degrading human dignity and is still prevalent in the society.

For example, Dede said, there are still many people constant in conflict, a handful of political elites who want the seat of political power and government.

“People are fragmented into a number of political choice, vilify other couples. Edges to attack each other among supporters of different political partner,” he said.

Another issue, continued Dede, corrupt behavior is still high in the middle of the community. In Indonesia, he said, this behavior is very striking with the involvement of actors who work in the institutions that are supposed to serve the public in a professional manner and with integrity.

Compass report (December 2, 2015), the Corruption Eradication Commission throughout the period 2004-2015 23 ministers and heads of agencies has been jailed, 15 governors, 49 regents/mayors, 87 legislators, as well as 120 echelon I, II, and III are guilty of corruption, In addition to material losses with the loss of state assets, corrupt behavior caused moral damages to the erosion of public confidence in the authorities and public institutions.

Two other issues are still high drug trafficking and rampant sexual crimes (sexual harrasment). Data of the National Narcotics Agency (2015) recorded at least 4 million people in Indonesia snagged drug abuse. They consist of 1.6 million who are trying to wear, irregular wear of 1.4 million and 943 thousand people are already at the level of drug addicts. This figure makes Indonesia as one of the highest drug users in ASEAN with the level of users between the ages of 10-59 years.

On the other hand, the rate of sexual crimes tend to increase with the increasing number of victims of sexual offenders who cause injury and even death.

In his speech, Nahrowi hope sivitas UIN Jakarta could be a leading actor in voicing respect for human values ​​for the awakening of humanity lives in peace and harmony. In this case, the civitas UIN Jakarta could be an actor who disseminate messages of respect for humanity in the midst of society.

“As the Islamic University, UIN Jakarta can articulate respect towards humanity from the viewpoint of Islam that put a man in a noble position,” he said.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the Committee UIN Jakarta Anniversary 59th Year Prof Dr Yusron Razak MA hope, Mangala Carnival activities could be part of the voicing message of peace for the benefit of human life.

“Far from being ceremonial, we hope this activity can foster the spirit and consciousness to establish peace with the beginning of each of us, to later be applied in a broader social life,” he explained. (zm) Translated by: Ihsan/Safee

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