Jakarta, UIN NEWS Online– Community of different nations and different backgrounds should strive together to build a life of peace and harmony of humanity. Violations and violence in its various forms, ranging from discrimination, harassment, annexation of the rights of individuals and groups, to battle the degradation of human life must be stopped. Peace and the avoidance of the violations and violence can start from each personal being.

Thus the message delivered by the community leaders of academy, at UIN Jakarta in Manggala Carnival 2016: 59 Year Anniversary UIN Jakarta in Jakarta, Sunday (29/5/16).

Commemorating the 59th year anniversary of ADIA/IAIN/UIN Jakarta, the Rector Prof Dr Dede Rosyada MA, chairman of the rector and faculty of the academy UIN Jakarta carry out a peaceful protest entitled “Message of Peace of UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta to the World.” This activity was done with a leisurely stroll along the leadership of UIN Jakarta route as civitas, in the National Monument field (Monas) -Sarinah-Monas Square.

Also present at the action, the Minister of Youth and Sports (Affairs) H Imam Nahrowi Sag. In addition to giving a speech activity and remove Mangala Carnival 2016, Nahrowi in these activities and released signed Inscription, that is Dove with the Rector. The symbol of the releasing of the Bird Merpati a proof of commitment UIN Jakarta-Menpora which has a message for the public to participate in creating world peace.

In his speech, Dede said, the findings in science and technology have enabled mankind to achieve a better standard of living than before, both in economic, social, political, and security. With evolving technology, for example, human beings can reach distant geographic areas in just a few moments. With technology, people can also manage and exploit natural resources for the welfare of the rich life.

“Unfortunately, the progress is often not directly proportional to the respect for human values that ​are sublime. Advances in technology actually eroded the noble values ​​of humanity. Humanity is now further involved in the conflict, war, and murder in pursuit of political interests-power to gain an economic advantage,” he said.

On a global scale, Dede pointed out, conflict-warfare and killing continues in the countries of the Middle East since the last decade. In addition to overthrow a government, conflict-war in the region has caused thousands, if not millions of people have been killed or displaced as a refugees to many other areas. Not only that, conflict, war, and murder have also led right to life of the people (especially children) are deprived due to the uncertain situation of socio-political-economy.

“They are also likely to grow in the shadow of the traumatic consequences of violence and war,” he said. (zm) Translated by: Ihsan/Safee

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