Auditorium, UIN News Online – Villages, Disadvantaged Regions and Transmigration Minister Eko Putro Sandjojo BSEE MBA give public lecture at Harun Nasution Auditorium, Campus I of UIN Jakarta, Tuesday (04/17/2018).

By raising the theme on “Penguatan Peran Mahasiswa dan Perguruan Tinggi Dalam Pembangunan Desa dan Masyarakat Desa”, Mendes invites all academic community of UIN Jakarta to take part in advancing the village / rural areas based on their respective fields and expertise.

Mendes also revealed that the village funding program which began in 2015 has given massive changes in the countryside. The success is also recognized by some countries in the world.

“There have been many significant changes, both from infrastructure, education, and more. The changes have been reviewed directly by other countries, including from the Asia Pacific region,” said Mendes.

He also added that there are 13 countries that will propose to the General Assembly of United Nations to require all developing countries to implement village funding programs. One of the countries that recently sent its delegation to Indonesia is Malaysia. The arrival of the Malaysian delegation to Indonesia aims to see the implementation of the village fund program in Indonesia.

“Malaysia has sent dozens of its delegations to study in Indonesia. Yet the villages in Malaysia is more advanced than the villages in Indonesia. I have also received invitations to share and discuss the village fund program with a number of countries,” he explained.

Although it has been recognized by the world, Eko revealed that there are still unfinished jobs in rural development. He also invites the students to participate in building and empowering the village.

“As future leaders, students are supposed to be thinking about finding solutions on every issue. Insya Allah, you will change this world to be better,” he concluded.

For information, entering the fourth year, the government has disbursed Rp 187 trillion of village funds. In 2018, Rp 60 trillion was channeled to 74,957 villages. The data show significant development achievements in rural areas. In the aspect of supporting the economic activities of the community, village funds have built 123,145 kilometers of village roads, 5,220 village market units, 26,070 units of BUMDes, 1,927 units of retention basin, and 28,091 irrigation units.

While in the aspect of improving the quality of life of rural communities, village funds have been used to build clean water facilities as many as 37,496 units, 5,314 units of Polindes, 18,072 PAUD units, 11,424 units of Posyandu, 108,484 units of MCK, 38,217 kilometers of drainage and 65,918 units of land retention. (usa)


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