Cirendeu, BERITA UIN Online— Medical Rescue Team (TBM) of USMR UIN Jakarta has won the first place at 5th Meridien Cup Competition in Universitas Muhammadiyah Jakarta on Saturday, April 23rd. Annual competition among TBM Department of Medicine with a topic, “Emergency Vertical rescue”. During the competition, TBM of USMR UIN Jakarta had to compete with 15 others rescue teams from different universities. After pass through a fierce competition, UIN Jakarta’s team finally won the first place. Runner-up and the third place were obtained by TBM of Duta Janar from Faculty of Medicine, Udayana University and TBM from University of Indonesia, faculty of medicine, respectively.

Meridien Cup competition consist of two stages, the first stage is about emergency simulation and quiz for TBM. The participants were faced at different cases related to disaster and emergency especially in vertical rescue. USMR team of UIN Jakarta, lead by Arian Ditya, was able to gain the highest score among the other participants.

Arian told to Berita UIN related to his victory, he was very proud of being a winner. “This victory is our team victory, we dedicate it to department of medicine UIN Jakarta,” he said proudly. Additional information, during Meridien Cup in 2015 entitled “fire rescue”, TBM of USMR UIN Jakarta won the second place. Apart from those achievement, TBM USMR is a medical rescue team established in 2008 by the students of medicine, UIN Jakarta. (Translated by Ihsan/Yaqin)

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