Prof Dr Aqib Suminto Theater Room, UIN News Online – Research on media needed to be developed by considering the use of new scientific perspectives. It is necessary to be done so the scientific work became distinctive work and have a broader impact on people’s lives.

Thus were the relevance-tie on general lecture of Invited Lecturer titled Trend Riset Komunikasi di Era Digital at Aqib Suminto Theater room, FIDk UIN Jakarta, Thursday (10/5/2017). The activity initiated by the Department of Communication and Islamic Broadcasting (KPI) FIDK.

The general lecture itself presented two speakers, there were LIPI Research Professor for Communication and Head of Literacy Research Center Profession Prof. Dr. Gati Gayatri MA and Dean of FIKOM UPI University YAI Jakarta and Professor of Communication from UI Prof. Dr. Ibnu Hamad. The discussion was guided by FIDK lecturer of UIN Jakarta Bintan Humaera MA.

“This activity is aimed purposely for students for semester V and VII who are studying Communication Methodology and to finish their final task research so as not to be misguided in getting the corpus and others,” said Bintan.

In her presentation, Gati Gayatri revealed that the principles of media-morphosis and diffusion of innovation could be a point of view to see the development of research on internet and research related to digital media in communication. “Now media-oriented journals published nearly half of journal articles related to new digital media,” he added.

On the other side, Ibnu Hamad exposed that there were several aspects of research which need more attention. Theoretical rigor (lack of theory), methodological innovations, and conceptualization of research related to communication technology (cooperation between researchers in conceptualizing the communication technology).

According to Hamad, these aspects were often a tough challenge for researchers. However, the fulfillment of these aspects made scientific writing became distinctive. “That’s what makes our research a different point of view. And now we can use digital for preaching (da’wah)”he said.

In its opening, the Dean of FIDIKOM UIN Jakarta Dr. Arief Subhan MA appreciated the discussion. According to him, the integration of science between da’wah and communication in the age of globalization needed to be done as community concern of FIDK academicians. (usa)

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