FDI –  Faculty of Dirasat Islamiyah (FDI) UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta held a public lecture entitled: “القضايا الفكرية المعاصرة ومستقبل الحوار الثقافي بين إندونيسيا والمغرب“, Thursday (09/13/2018)

The speaker invited were from Morocco, Prof. Dr. Mariam Ait Ahmed, he is Professor of the University of Ibn Tufail Morocco, and Chair of the Moroccan-Indonesian Brotherhood Association who previously visited in FDI in 2016.

In his presentation, Mariam Ait conveyed, First, the good relationship between Morocco and Indonesia has long been established even since centuries ago. This is evidenced by the existence of descendants of Moroccan blood among the kings of the Islamic empire, such as the Pasai Ocean kingdom and the Sumenep Madura kingdom.

Second, the components in the construction of civilization cannot be separated from the efforts of self-development and integration of science. Besides, the assumption that religious sciences are limited to legal discourse relating to halal and haram is not true, it is very broad and includes everything that is beneficial to people.

Third, the lack of critical attitude of Muslim students in looking at various studies in the present, especially those from the western world. The advantages of integration of knowledge in Islam began in ancient times, when the scholars use different viewpoint of science in view of the problem, both temporally and the hereafter.

Fourth, the call to move towards reforming the education system with a cognitive integrative approach that seeks to duplicate science and use it in humanitarian services in accordance with the teachings of compassionate Islam.

Fifth, the demand to continue to study various Islamic knowledge to be able to guard and become a solution to the changes of the future in the future.

Sixth, various projects in the relationship approach, dialogue, Islamic unity and the introduction and understanding of cross-civilization will not be achieved by a selfish mentality, but can be realized through cooperation and mediation.

And finally the seventh, The fact now is that we all are in a global competition in a variety of ways, including scientific studies, we are required to provide education-based university that seeks to train the mind and way of thinking, using a methodology that is open to new things and being able to read various new mechanisms, to prepare a generation that is able to learn, construct, analyze, and control.

The program held by the Dirasat Islamiyah Study Program (S1/ undergraduate) was limited, and only attended by around 150 students (Semester 5 and Semester 7), several graduate students (S2), and some lecturers only because they adjusted the capacity of the room. (usa-rs)

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