Rectorate, UIN Online NEWS – State Islamic Senior High School (MAN) 2 Cirebon, West Java, explores cooperation with UIN Jakarta in the field of education and human resource development. Example of such cooperation is the admission of outstanding MAN 3 Cirebon graduates, both in the academic and non-academic fields, to continue their education at UIN Jakarta.

This was revealed by the Head of MAN 2 Cirebon Muhaemin when visiting the UIN Jakarta campus on Thursday (09/27/2018). During the visit, Muhaemin was accompanied by a number of MAN 3 Cirebon officials and an official from ministry of religious affairs Affandi Muchtar.

The officials were received at the Rector’s building by the Vice Rector for Academic Affairs Fadilah Suralaga and AAKK Bureau Chief Zaenal Arifin, and Deputy Dean for Student Affairs at the Faculty of Tarbiyah and Teachers Training (FITK) Fauzan, who was an alumnus of MAN 2 Cirebon.

Muhaemin said, MAN 2 Cirebon is a superior school in Cirebon Regency. Almost every year, many students excel in academic and non-academic fields, including in the field of tahfid al-Qur’an. Therefore, he requested that these outstanding graduates could be easily accepted as students of UIN Jakarta.

“MAN 2 Cirebon is located in the Islamic Boarding School environment. Many students come from various regions and have many achievements, “he explained.

For this reason, Muhaemin hopes that through a collaboration scheme between MAN2 Cirebon and UIN Jakarta, a closer relationship will be established. “Alhamdulillah, many graduates of MAN 2 Cirebon have been accepted at UIN Jakarta every year,” he said.

Meanwhile, the AAKK Bureau Chief Zaenal Arifin expressed his gratitude for the visit of the school principal and a number of Cirebon MAN 2 officials who had the pleasure to come to the Jakarta UIN campus. He hopes that through the pattern of cooperation will have a positive impact, both for UIN Jakarta and MAN 2 Cirebon. (usa)


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