FAH, UIN News Online – Outstanding students seem to be the central figure that must always be in every educational institution, outstanding students are usually able to break the existence of the University and become a pioneer for other students to participate. Bobi, Student of Arabic Language and Literature of the Faculty of Adab and Humanities (BSA FAH), who has been in the world of Arabic speech and debate. The man whose full name is Mahbubi began his Arabic education since he studied at the Mambaul Ulum Islamic Boarding School Jakarta in 2011. His love for Arabic continued the following year when he attended the Arabic Ramadhan Course at Darul Lughah Wa Durasatil Islamiyah Islamic Boarding School, Pamekasan. Always interested in learning, Bobi took another course in 2013 at the Darul Lughah Wa Da’wah Bangil Pesantren Pasuruan, East Java.

His love for Arabic delivered him to national and international competitions. The first race that Bobi participated in was ALF PBA UIN Jakarta 2016, in this first race, Bobi won the 3rd place. However, Bobi’s journey was not always smooth, he had to climb the sharp gravels in front of him. Once there was a desire to give up and stop because of the minimal trophy that was obtained, “in 2017, from 5 competitions I only got 2 trophies, and even then only Jabodetabek, not National, but thanks to motivation from friends and self-awareness, I started to rise again in 2018. “He said with a sigh.

The journey continued in 2018, Bobi began participating in the biggest Arabic Arabic debate competition in Indonesia which was held by El-Markazi Indonesian Islamic University (UII) Yogyakarta. Departing with desperate capital, members of the BSA Department of Student Association (HMJ) won third place and won the Top Ten Best Speaker. Not Bobi, his name if he did not get a new lesson in each competition, after participating in the competition at UII, he was challenged to participate in the selection of the ASEAN-level Arabic debate competition held at the Islamic University of Malaysia (USIM), and managed to qualify as a representative from UIN Jakarta.

The tension in each race has always been a frightening specter, the article, the opponents faced by Bobi and his friends in Malaysia are not just anyone. For example, when it comes to dealing with a contingent from Malaysia, International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM); which is also the finalist of the International Debate Competition in Qatar 2017 then.

Grateful, with all the effort and maximum prayer, Bobi and his friends managed to overthrow his opponents and came out as the First Champion in the ASEAN Level Arabic Debate Competition at USIM Malaysia. According to him, this competition is the most memorable, from which the UIN Jakarta Debate Team builds cohesiveness and aligns ideas so that they can get more leverage. Bobi’s success outside did not necessarily make him satisfied, he will continue to study and continue to participate in the next competition both locally, nationally and internationally. Finally, Bobi delivered a message to anyone who was struggling “Don’t despair when you fall, sometimes people want to get up that must fall first, what people see is not how many times it falls, but how many times he gets up after he falls,” said Bobi. (usa-rs)



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