Ma’had al-Jamiah, UIN News Online –  Ma’had al-Jamiah UIN Jakarta opens new recruitment for Mudabbir (male caretaker) and Mudabbirah (female caretaker). It was conveyed by Ma’had al-Jamiah technical coordinator Zainudin in his office, Friday, (2/3).

The main task of Mudabbir/ah is to assist the new mahasantri in ma’had activities in both religious and spiritual area and academic or non-academic.  He also added that the one of the main tasks of Mudabbir and mudabbirah is to provide guidance on sunnah and maktubah prayer.

While academic and non academic assistance includes linguistic and taklim Quran to become the peer tutors and conditioning the mahasantri to actively participate in the activities related to language and taklim Quran and conducting the evaluation and monitoring.

“For those who interested, the requirements that must be met is to master Arabic and English, good morals, can give a good example, having a good spirit of leadership, have minimal memorizing the Koran chapters 30 and minimal 3rd semester student of UIN Jakarta,” said Zainudin.

To register, the candidates need to deliver the cover letter to Ex-Pharmaceutical Building, 1st floor, Campus I of UIN Jakarta for the hard copy and the soft copy to (rs)

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