Aqib Suminto Theater, UIN News Online – Communication and Islamic Broadcast (KPI) department of FDIK UIN Jakarta in collaboration with Indonesian Censorship Agency (LSF RI) holds discussion and socialization on censorship policy at Prof Dr Aqib Suminto Theater FIDK UIN Jakarta, Tuesday, (9/19/2017).

Present as the speakers, the head of LSF RI Major General Dr Ahmad Yani Basuki, Prof Dr Zaitunah Subhan (UIN Jakarta), and Dr Gun Gun Heryanto MSi (UIN Jakarta).

Fita Fathurokhmah MSi (Secretary of KPI Department UIN Jakarta), explained that this activity is very important to be implemented because there is a course of Television and Radio Broadcast Production in UIN Jakarta’s KPI Department.

“Learning Outcomes from this course is to generate filmmakers, radio and television program producers who prioritize the Islamic values and Da’wah to the ummah,” said Fita.

According to Fita, in order to produce works that suits with Indonesian culture and personality, civitas academica of FIDK UIN Jakarta are required to be a Sophisticated audience and sophisticated creative film maker.

In general, the experts who attended this event said that the LSF RI as an independent institution has a responsibility in promoting the films in Indonesia. However, one of the obligations that should not be disregarded is how the films can educate the nation’s life, self-potential development, noble character building, social welfare advancement, as well as to promote Indonesia to the international world.

For information, the event is running smoothly. This is evidenced by some participants who ask questions to the speakers. (usa)

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