RSU, UIN News Online – LPM UIN Jakarta received a visit from Sebelas Maret University of Surakarta (UNS), held at the Main Session Room (RSU). The assembly consisted of 11 people were lecturers and staffs who work in Quality Assurance and Development Agency (LPPM) UNS.

In her speech, Vice Rector for Academic Affairs Dr. Fadhilah Suralaga expressed her gratitude for UNS visitation to UIN Jakarta. She conveyed that UIN Jakarta was currently completing the Academic Institution Accreditation Form (AIPT) with SAPTO system (Online Higher Education Accreditation System). Sapto was the latest accreditation system released by BAN PT, so UIN Jakarta needed more time to adjust.

Similarly, Mrs. Puteri, as the representative of UNS, stated that the main purpose of their arrival in UIN Jakarta was to share and study the related program of short semester at UIN Jakarta. In line with the implementation of the Single Lecture Exam (UKT) at UNS, there were demands from students to apply this short semester. Yet, according to her, UNS was uncertain to apply this program since there exist different financial policies.

In response, Chairman of LPM UIN Jakarta, Dr. Sururin said that basically short semester was still run in UIN Jakarta. Based on the guidance of the Academic Guidebook, it was stated that the short semester may be applied on the condition that students need to repeat thier lower grades or fail their SKS, which was taken up to 9 SKS, and this short semester were only held in July-August.

Coordinator of LPM Curriculum UIN Jakarta, Iwan Permana, M.Pd. added that the short semester policy was then submitted to each faculty rules as an example in Fisip, he continued, the short semester should only be implemented on acceleration of their studying period or emergency cases, such as students who were at the end of their study period.

Discussion became more interesting when the guests questioned about the short semester policy after UKT system implementation at UIN Jakarta. To answer this, LPM then requested the Head of Planning and Finance Bureau, Subarja, M.Pd to give his response. According to him all budgets for faculty have been socialized and agreed upon. So, if the short semester was emloyed, then all financing needed must already be contained in the faculty budget item. (usa)


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