FITK Building, UIN NEWS Online- In order to facilitate the preparation of accreditation of study program (Prodi), Quality Assurance Agency (LPM) UIN Jakarta has provided accreditation data and guidance needed by the study program.

This was conveyed by LPM Chairman Dr. Sururin MA while delivering her speech at the Accreditation Preparation Program of Mathematics Education Department, English Education Department, Physics Education Department and Master of Islamic Education Management Faculty of Tarbiyah and Teacher Training (FITK) UIN Jakarta in FITK Session Room 2nd floor.

“To make each study program easier to access the required information and data, we have prepared the data on our website,” she said.

She continued that there were two pages which can be accessed, the first is which contains guidance and global information about the accreditation implementation, the second is which contains seven standards which must be fulfilled by the study program to get accreditation, including the supporting data of study program accreditation, including those relating to Institutional Decrees (SK).

Other than that, Sururin recommended that every accomplishment done by the study program be reported through Sapto system (Online Accreditation System Online) in order to make it more practical and make the accreditation process faster than the manual.

“If the data is ready, send it to LPM, because for Sapto system in each institution only given one account member to access it. For UIN Jakarta, the system can only be accessed by LPM, ” Sururin explained.

Related to its usage, she continued, LPM has experienced processing accreditation forms with completion time of approximately two months. However, using the manual one, takes a longer time, even according to this doctorate of Islamic studies of UIN Jakarta there were process which to this day has never been accessed by BAN-PT and has never been replied.

“We’re doing well, because the form was not returned and on the BAN-PT page written it’s in the process of accreditation. Yet, if the form returned, that mean a bad sign because there were still shortcomings need to complete, “said the mother of three children reminiscent.

Besides providing a page for accreditation needs, Sururin informed that LPM has prepared internal and external reviewers to assess the form and this year LPM still has budget for multiplication form.

“Please submit the form, and then we will provide the budget for the doubling form, because the budget for multiplication is still a lot,” Sururin said. (usa)

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