Madya Hall, UIN NEWS Online – Student Activity Unit (UKM) LPM Institut held a Press Training in Aula Madya, Wednesday (03/15/2018). This training was attended by 30 participants who had previously passed the selection process in February.

Chairman of the Committee Nurley Dhamayanti said, This training is a routine agenda given to the new members of LPM Institute who have undergone the selection process at any time and held for a week. In addition, this training also presents experienced trainers.

“This training will provide knowledge and writing achievements for the members, after which they are expected to be able to become journalists at LPM Institute as one of the forums of learning to write,” he said.

Nurley also said the new members come from various faculties at UIN Jakarta. They are enthusiasts who want to practice news writing and media management campus. In the process of debriefing, participants are not only given material about basic theories of journalism and also apply it in the form of field practices.

Nurley also added new members and participants. LPM Institute Institute’s training this year slightly increased compared to last year. Even the participants are also very enthusiastic to follow the activities while being proactive.

The materials provided during this training process are news writing keywords, interview techniques, journalistic language, journalistic ethics code, and journalistic photography. While the speakers who come from the senior or alumni who are now working in various mass media, both print and electronic media.

“This activity certainly has a positive output for students, especially as the provision of achievement after graduating from UIN Jakarta later,” said Nurley. (usa-rs)

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